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Heyo! I’ve decided to move the whole space to Blogspot, mainly because there is more freewill over that side of the platform. I will still be keeping this space, it’s afterall a memorable start thanks to you guys.

Do continue to stay on track with me at!



Hourly Snap // Daily Routine

Daily Routine is being set for one of the Gratitude Challenge. This is my one of those stay-at-home-and-rot weekend.

11am // Woke up slightly later than yesterday. As usual, I’d like to shower Xiao Bai with love first thing in the morning.

12pm // Satisfied with how the new header turned out yesterday, that kinda motivated me to finish up with the button.

1pm // Glee liquidfied my ear wax. That’s not too gross, right?

2pm // Checking Passionfruit out. Not as lost as before, but still confusing.

3pm // What’s a weekend without anime/movie/drama and a can of green tea?

4pm // Finally, keeping up with the updates on Bloglovin’.

5pm // Boredom strikes, so Xiao Bai gets more love from me.

6pm // Pre-dinner snacks. I kinda finished up this container of prawn cracker. Oops.

7pm // Watching The Adjustmenet Bureau. Emily Blunt is as gorgeous as ever.

8pm // Making changes on next month’s project during tv commercial time.

I can’t believe Sunday just flew past like that, which means Monday is creeping in fast. Urgh. I am so not ready for work yet.

I just hope this week will go by as fast as the past two weeks, can’t wait for the fun packed weekend to be here already!

How was your weekend? I’m pretty sure it’s more fun than mine!

Daily Gratitude 21-25

#21 Where You Sleep
My imperfect nestling area is perfect.

#22 Clothing
My Outfit Of The Day.

#23 In Your Closet
My brother is lucky that I am not a shopaholic. (Yah, we’re sharing a closet.)

#24 Gratitude
Took a few times before we get to this. My dad was already asleep, so it’s just mum and me. I’m grateful for all the effort they put in, the teaching, and the love.

#25 Artwork
Made this during Home Econs 11 years (!!!) ago. I think this is my only satisfaction from the craft world.

Taking an OOTD photo is not something I’d normally do, so I’m kinda glad it turned out decent. Heh. I LOVE the photo I took with mum, if only dad wasn’t asleep then.

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Weekly Wishes #2

I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded in my last week’s goal, start a mile a day exercise, since I’ve only went once. The good thing is that, I’ve started simple exercises that can be done at home. I guess that’s a good start, right?

This week’s goal: No gassy drink.

I am not a big fan of gassy drink, but that is a total different case when the sun is burning our heads off shining brightly outside. Oh, and especially when I’m bored out at home. I usually resort to snacking with coca cola, root beer, etc.

As I’m typing this, I’m sipping on my ice cold root beer in a very humid weather. I seriously hope the weather will tone down a bit so I can achieve this week’s goal. Wish me luck!

How much do you like or love gassy drinks?

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Daily Gratitude 16-20

#16 Animals
I love Xiao Bai too much. Eeyore is considered as an animal too, right?

#17 Memories
Lately with all the travelling talk, be it Parry’s flight to Brisbane for studies or my upcoming holiday trip to Bangkok with The Boy), it kinda make me miss my previous travels.

#18 Something New
I am NEVER good at keeping an organiser. Mainly because I get lazy easily. Way too easily.

#19 Best Friend
But if you define ‘Best Friend’ as someone who knows the nastiest habits of mine, telepathically on line with me, loves me for who I am without judgement, then yes, this is mine.

#20 Seasonal
Singapore is that little red dot with summer all around. The past two days have been rainy, but it started scorching hot today. What’s new?

It’s scary how this week has gone! Oh. Em. Gee. But I’m glad that July is sneaking to an end. One last batch before this Gratitude challenge ends and a whole new month of challenges awaits!

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Weekly Wishes #1

I am quite doubtful to be part of the awesome Melyssa‘s Weekly Wishes Linkup community, mainly because I am a damn good procrastinator.

This week’s goal: Start a mile a day exercise.

I had wanted to give Weekly Wishes a properly start, either on the first day of the week or kick start in a brand new month, but it seems like the-one-above is trying to send signals to me lately.

  • Lots of late night supper and immediate good night sleep for the past two months.
  • The old lady neighbour commented that I’ve put on a little weight, and said some weight is good on me I’ve always been so skinny.
  • The Boy had to excite me about Hari Raya Puasa – outfit shopping, lots of food on the day of visiting.
  • Upcoming holiday trip

I have been wanting to exercise, but my lazy self is just too lazy. Exercising is not necessary a weight loss programme, it’s a good body building or health improving one too.

Let’s hope I can accomplish the goal! What are some of your exercising tips?

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Daily Gratitude 11-15

#11 Something Old
This pair of cat and dog were gifted to brother and me when we were still kids. We fought over it and with it too.

#12 Hands
“Take my hand tonight, let’s not think about tomorrow.”

#13 Written Words
Despite all that, I never regretted any seconds and moments. After all, they played a part to create the chapters I’m living today.

#14 Movement
The journey to (long waiting and) meet up with The Boy was different this night.

#15 Technology
For someone with motion sickness, my ways of surviving a long bus journey or plane ride are sitting still and zone out the external world with music.

This batch’s challenge ended off with a little emotional feeling. From the stashed memories to death of Glee star Cory Monteith. Life is too short for regrets, everyday’s gratitude has further proven its importance.

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