Records of my not-so-colourful life, you will probably find lots of food images here. I’m trying to inject motivation juice into myself, so hopefully there’ll be more interesting posts here in the near future.

Is there a feedback or comment you’re dying share with me? Or you simply just want to drop a friendly hi-wave? My inbox is nomelizabeth@gmail.com and she welcomes your snails any time!

Born in January 1989 on a little red dot known as Singapore, I’m the almost-invisible girl on Earth. For some weird reasons, my hair is not quite as black as the rest of my family’s. I hope I wasn’t picked up from some unknown dump of a brown dye factory!

I am quite a dream. I dream of a world with peace; I dream of being surrounded by faith, trust and pixie dust. Most of the time I would just daydream and stone into thin air.

I love getting inspired by architecture designs, DIY crafts, home decors, recipes floating around the internet. However, procrastinating bug doesn’t allow me to do much. My clumsy self has a part to play too.

For someone who ignored by first ‘Hi’ on our first meeting out of the virtual world, I have never imagined that we would be tied with an invisible red thread in 2008.

We are not your typical couples who make monthiversary and anniversary a huge thing, but both of us had fun surprising (mainly me doing the surprising factor TEEHEE) on our half decade mark.


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