Daily Gratitude 01-05

During one of the almost-daily Pinterest surfing, I came across this pin originated from Positively Present.

Image Credit: Positively Present

I thought it would make a good Project Of The Month and WhatsApp-ed Intan right away. Who knew, she decided she couldn’t commit to the daily affair on the first day of July, and had signed up for another project instead (can’t wait to share it here!). Thanks lorh.

#01 Favourite Food
It’s really tough to pick one, but if I have to, the favourite of my favourites would be this fishball mee tai bak selectively from this stall at Amoy Street Food Centre. The chilli this stall has is to die for (in my case)!

#02 Smile
I have great accommodating friends.

#03 Happiness
One of the few happiness in recent days is to know I have a manja king at home. Sometimes it’s good to feel needed.

#04 Leaves
This green has been in the office even before I join the company. It had lost some of its buddies along the way. Hopefully it’ll be continue to be strong so it can move to the new office with us.

#05 Morning Sky
Gloomy cooling morning. I should be in bed sleeping and not to work. D:

I almost failed on second day, but I am thankful for the spontaneous help from the gang, though they are still wondering why I needed to take a shot with them smiling brightly. Heh.

Check out the rest of the photos for this challenge here.


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