Hourly Snap // Daily Routine

Daily Routine is being set for one of the Gratitude Challenge. This is my one of those stay-at-home-and-rot weekend.

11am // Woke up slightly later than yesterday. As usual, I’d like to shower Xiao Bai with love first thing in the morning.

12pm // Satisfied with how the new header turned out yesterday, that kinda motivated me to finish up with the button.

1pm // Glee liquidfied my ear wax. That’s not too gross, right?

2pm // Checking Passionfruit out. Not as lost as before, but still confusing.

3pm // What’s a weekend without anime/movie/drama and a can of green tea?

4pm // Finally, keeping up with the updates on Bloglovin’.

5pm // Boredom strikes, so Xiao Bai gets more love from me.

6pm // Pre-dinner snacks. I kinda finished up this container of prawn cracker. Oops.

7pm // Watching The Adjustmenet Bureau. Emily Blunt is as gorgeous as ever.

8pm // Making changes on next month’s project during tv commercial time.

I can’t believe Sunday just flew past like that, which means Monday is creeping in fast. Urgh. I am so not ready for work yet.

I just hope this week will go by as fast as the past two weeks, can’t wait for the fun packed weekend to be here already!

How was your weekend? I’m pretty sure it’s more fun than mine!


Hourly Snap // Panoramic Picnic

The last time both of us had a picnic date was in 2009. Unlike that time, I didn’t prepare food for this morning’s session. Well, I offered to do the Chicken Mayo the boy likes, but I got pissed off when his chefy self suggested on another cooking method which I obviously can’t do. So all responsibilities are pushed to him. :\

Picnic Bunneh

7am // “Why can me go with you? Since me can’t go, me leave me scent.”

54 // Panoramic Picnic

8am // Camera, check. Ice, check. Food, check. We forgot drinks, again.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich (Bland) Chicken Wing

9am // To have smoked salmon as breakfast is the kind of luxury I don’t mind having. If only the bread is not as thick, it would be purr-fect.

Out of East Coast Park

10am // I only truly learn how to use panorama function after the boy tried out on his iPhone 5. Takes lots of stability and patient, it’s quite fun actually.

54 // Panoramic Picnic

11am // The one above has been kind to us for the whole morning. It only started drizzling when we drive out of East Coast Park. Lucky us.

Sims Addict

12pm // According to my schedule, it says “Kill more Sims” for the rest of today. Alright!

Plan B didn’t happen, so overall today’s session is a success! Talked a lot about the ongoing and upcoming. The awesome breeze, all dogs sighted and angels learning cycling are definitely bonuses for the day.

I can feel tingling sensation on the area that was exposed to the morning sun. Please don’t let it be sunburn! *fingers crossed*

54 // Panoramic Picnic

Here’s the boy and me wishing and praying with our slitty smiles (for you, for ourselves) for a better week ahead!

Although mine technically will only be better in 2013. Oh well.

Hourly Snap // Surprise for Le Haus Partayye

Have been wanting to try out The Dainty Squid‘s Photo an hour but didn’t really have a good opportunity until yesterday. I wasn’t really keeping track of time, which is a good thing since I won’t feel forced, but being busy for a couple of hours had made me bummed about it. Better try next time!

20120811 Hourly Snap 8am

8am // Bun-ed up, ready get the house chores rolling.

20120811 Hourly Snap 9am

9am // Cleaned up Xiao Bai’s cage. He was preying outside the kitchen patiently, came running back home to ask for food the moment I’m done cleaning. Clever boy.

20120811 Hourly Snap 10am

10am // Rushed with the printing of props for the photo booth while expressing my excitement for the surprise over WhatsApp with Emily.

20120811 Hourly Snap 11am

11am // Outfit of the day. Top (from SIXTIES) Bottom (from Bugis Street) Pink-Navy Bag (from Riot).

20120811 Hourly Snap 12pm

12pm // Ended up taking a cab to the airport. Spent too much time at Popular when I didn’t have to in the first place.

1pm // Got too excited upon meeting Emily and was overwhelmed by both of our nervous feeling towards the surprised. No snapshot.

2pm // Got engrossed into lunch, especially Satay Bee Hoon which turned out to be disappointing, and over Gong Cha. Still feeling hyped up and nervous about the surprise. No snapshot.

20120811 Hourly Snap 3pm

3pm // Settled down after the surprise with some cutting for props on hand.

20120811 Hourly Snap 4pm

4pm // Last to go and I’m done!

20120811 Hourly Snap 5pm

5pm // Carrots are my favourite. These mini ones just make me so happy!

20120811 Hourly Snap 6pm

6pm // Personalising our styrofoam cup. Creativity at its best.

20120811 Hourly Snap 7pm

7pm // Only five bothered made an effort to doodle for recognisition.

8pm // Too much catch up and making fun session over dinner. Oh, and the dirty topics too. I don’t even. No snapshots.

20120811 Hourly Snap 9pm

9pm // Cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes to end the day.

Le Haus Partayye bubbled up from the spontaneous and rebellious (Intan‘s parents were abroad) part of us. The other reason is all of us get to gather since donkey years.

During a random conversation on Wednesday, Emily and I somehow came up with the idea of her coming over to the party. We thought it would be more fun to keep it a secret, so I hid the fact from the other 7 guests, that included the host and my boy. *gives an angelic smile*

When I picked her up from the airport, we thought about how their reactions will be like and start panicking. We can only imagine how Intan‘s reaction will be like but not the others! “What if the surprise fail?!” Yah, that kind of idea got stuck with us for the whole early afternoon.

It was really nice to watch as their eyes went big and exclaim “OH MY GOD!!! Why are you here!?!” Although I felt REALLY bad for not keeping my promise to be there earlier to help in the grocery shopping and decoration.

Despite getting teeny tiny over the budget, the party went well with damn great food (in my opinion). What matters (to me) the most is that the rest are happy with Emily’s existence and the special guest is happy that the surprise went better as planned.

With a crazy weekend like that, I’m pretty sure Monday will be blue-st than ever. Good to Intan with all the crazy photos (Yes, that means I’m waiting LOL) editing and scanning. Now it’s time to get ready and hop to town!