Daily Gratitude 06-10

#06 Books
I’m such a fickle minded. I am halfway through Puppy Love and slightly after introduction of Beautiful Boy. AND, I have three more books waiting on shelf (that white envelope contains two thin ones).

#07 Something Funny
Being as idealess as I can be, my initial idea was to have us pose with our funny expressions. Then, the evil side of me thought it will be a better fit to the theme to have him doing hand-stand. Who knew, he think out of the box and presented this – hand while standing.

#08 Favourite Colour
I’m quite an earthy (or what Z will say, boring) person. I own more black top than any other colours, but blue is still my crush even after so long.

#09 Inspiring Person
She is one of the loved ones who inspired me. ♥

#10 Nature
You can’t hear it, but the sound of birds returning to their nest makes me feel less lonely.

This batch’s topics were a little tougher than the last, but it was still a fun to do. I love how The Boy surprises me with his unusual thoughts once again.

Image Credit: Positively Present

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