Daily Gratitude 06-10

#06 Books
I’m such a fickle minded. I am halfway through Puppy Love and slightly after introduction of Beautiful Boy. AND, I have three more books waiting on shelf (that white envelope contains two thin ones).

#07 Something Funny
Being as idealess as I can be, my initial idea was to have us pose with our funny expressions. Then, the evil side of me thought it will be a better fit to the theme to have him doing hand-stand. Who knew, he think out of the box and presented this – hand while standing.

#08 Favourite Colour
I’m quite an earthy (or what Z will say, boring) person. I own more black top than any other colours, but blue is still my crush even after so long.

#09 Inspiring Person
She is one of the loved ones who inspired me. ♥

#10 Nature
You can’t hear it, but the sound of birds returning to their nest makes me feel less lonely.

This batch’s topics were a little tougher than the last, but it was still a fun to do. I love how The Boy surprises me with his unusual thoughts once again.

Image Credit: Positively Present

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Daily Gratitude 01-05

During one of the almost-daily Pinterest surfing, I came across this pin originated from Positively Present.

Image Credit: Positively Present

I thought it would make a good Project Of The Month and WhatsApp-ed Intan right away. Who knew, she decided she couldn’t commit to the daily affair on the first day of July, and had signed up for another project instead (can’t wait to share it here!). Thanks lorh.

#01 Favourite Food
It’s really tough to pick one, but if I have to, the favourite of my favourites would be this fishball mee tai bak selectively from this stall at Amoy Street Food Centre. The chilli this stall has is to die for (in my case)!

#02 Smile
I have great accommodating friends.

#03 Happiness
One of the few happiness in recent days is to know I have a manja king at home. Sometimes it’s good to feel needed.

#04 Leaves
This green has been in the office even before I join the company. It had lost some of its buddies along the way. Hopefully it’ll be continue to be strong so it can move to the new office with us.

#05 Morning Sky
Gloomy cooling morning. I should be in bed sleeping and not to work. D:

I almost failed on second day, but I am thankful for the spontaneous help from the gang, though they are still wondering why I needed to take a shot with them smiling brightly. Heh.

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EYE SPY // Fourth Of July

I love parties! Needless to say how inspired it is to see so many party pins and posts floating around the internet.

1 Patriotic Push-Up Pops
2 Flag Cupcake
3 4th of July straws
4 Fourth of July Handprint T-shirts
5 DIY Fourth Of July Button Earrings
6 July 4th Bingo

If only we have half of the party spirit here in Singapore, there’ll be more excuses for house parties!

Instagram Loves (June)

Nonya Assam Fish // A pot of appetite tickling goodness

红豆碱水粽 (Jian shui zong with red bean)

62 // Throat-burning curry date

Ready to burn our lips, tongue, stomach, intestines (and maybe ass)!

Xiao Bai is still willing to walk for bun.

Beautiful Boy // Ice Tea // Gion (The red bean is insanely good!)

“I don’t mind turn for head rest. And what do you mean by sore neck?”

And with that, it marks the farewell to first half of the year. Time flies, especially when you are getting older. So true.

This month has been a fast pace one as well. Instagram has came up with their own video function, pretty similar to Vine except it takes slightly longer recording. I’ve been experimenting with VSCOcam app on iPhone, the preset effects are awesome. I still need to work on allocating the perfect preset to the right mood though. Heh.

July and August will be an exciting ones, since I already have Project Of The Month pinned on them. But we’ll talk about them when the time comes.

Have fun reminiscing the time lost in the past six months!

EYE SPY // Summer Dresses

Haze. Hail. Hot.

Don’t get me wrong, I am contented with the not-so-100% haze free weather. At least there isn’t any obvious burning smell lingering around to make me feel less motivated than ever. The summer of the summer heat does make me browse for dresses which are friendly in days like this.

[x] Blush Hour Dress
[x] Something to Celebrate Dress
[x] You Look Fete-ching Dress
[x] Catch Me if You Cantaloupe Dress
[x] Spearmint Condition Dress
[x] Float Performance Dress

What are your girly choices for the summer?

All images and information are obtained from Modcloth.

Annual Hazey Affair

Like an annual event, Indonesia is clearing up their farm land by burning. Apparently land is more important than the health of its citizens. As much as the haze is choking up my lungs as the PSI climbs record high, it’s quite amusing to see the reactions and creativity our fellow Singaporeans have. Other kind of amusement comes from official news, especially the part where the said country minister commented how we “behave like a small child”. *shrug*

With such bad air to breathe in, I have no choice but to join in the mask team. It’s not the most effective or prettiest mask, but I guess it’s better than walking around with none. Luckily I only had a case of nose bleeding and dry coughing.

Xiao Bai is being affected by the haze too. He seems to be lazing around more, although still looking for affection given any opportunities. Just yesterday when I got home from work, he was found loafing in a corner during my brother’s nap in the air-conditioned room. Smart boy.

With workers working in the open and out in the sea, rehearsals for NDP kicking start. Let’s hope the haze situation will get better as soon as possible. Rain, we need you now.