Daily Gratitude 16-20

#16 Animals
I love Xiao Bai too much. Eeyore is considered as an animal too, right?

#17 Memories
Lately with all the travelling talk, be it Parry’s flight to Brisbane for studies or my upcoming holiday trip to Bangkok with The Boy), it kinda make me miss my previous travels.

#18 Something New
I am NEVER good at keeping an organiser. Mainly because I get lazy easily. Way too easily.

#19 Best Friend
But if you define ‘Best Friend’ as someone who knows the nastiest habits of mine, telepathically on line with me, loves me for who I am without judgement, then yes, this is mine.

#20 Seasonal
Singapore is that little red dot with summer all around. The past two days have been rainy, but it started scorching hot today. What’s new?

It’s scary how this week has gone! Oh. Em. Gee. But I’m glad that July is sneaking to an end. One last batch before this Gratitude challenge ends and a whole new month of challenges awaits!

Image Credit: Positively Present

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