Daily Gratitude 11-15

#11 Something Old
This pair of cat and dog were gifted to brother and me when we were still kids. We fought over it and with it too.

#12 Hands
“Take my hand tonight, let’s not think about tomorrow.”

#13 Written Words
Despite all that, I never regretted any seconds and moments. After all, they played a part to create the chapters I’m living today.

#14 Movement
The journey to (long waiting and) meet up with The Boy was different this night.

#15 Technology
For someone with motion sickness, my ways of surviving a long bus journey or plane ride are sitting still and zone out the external world with music.

This batch’s challenge ended off with a little emotional feeling. From the stashed memories to death of Glee star Cory Monteith. Life is too short for regrets, everyday’s gratitude has further proven its importance.

Image Credit: Positively Present

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