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Heyo! I’ve decided to move the whole space to Blogspot, mainly because there is more freewill over that side of the platform. I will still be keeping this space, it’s afterall a memorable start thanks to you guys.

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Annual Hazey Affair

Like an annual event, Indonesia is clearing up their farm land by burning. Apparently land is more important than the health of its citizens. As much as the haze is choking up my lungs as the PSI climbs record high, it’s quite amusing to see the reactions and creativity our fellow Singaporeans have. Other kind of amusement comes from official news, especially the part where the said country minister commented how we “behave like a small child”. *shrug*

With such bad air to breathe in, I have no choice but to join in the mask team. It’s not the most effective or prettiest mask, but I guess it’s better than walking around with none. Luckily I only had a case of nose bleeding and dry coughing.

Xiao Bai is being affected by the haze too. He seems to be lazing around more, although still looking for affection given any opportunities. Just yesterday when I got home from work, he was found loafing in a corner during my brother’s nap in the air-conditioned room. Smart boy.

With workers working in the open and out in the sea, rehearsals for NDP kicking start. Let’s hope the haze situation will get better as soon as possible. Rain, we need you now.

Instragram Loves (May)

Waiting to change the dressing. I wonder if it will bring the female out of The Boy. Heh.

En Qi’s 4th birthday – House of (Overdose) Sweetness

Breakfast for / the sick / the insane

Apparently cake can not only be baked, but cooked as well.

Finally, an al dante Aglio Olio by The Boy, which I don’t have to pay to eat. Heh.

Au Chocolat Tower Cake | The Boy told me to get another one for myself after his first bite. Madness.

May wasn’t being too friendly with me this year. I have been visiting doctors every start of the week (eh, not chao keng ok) and all the medications took the worst out of me. Well, that is finally over, thank goodness.

And can you believe the year is nearly half way there!? I felt as if January just started yesterday. This is bad news.

60 // Half A Decade

Due to his internship, The Boy and I planned to bring forward the celebration two weeks earlier. You know, just in case he is not scheduled off on the day.

The stakes are high
The water’s rough
But this love is ours

I got myself busy and psyched up the day before. I pictured these shots and thought it would be a great first surprise. I don’t own a digital camera and hence a tripod stand or anything, so the only one I can count on is my iPhone AND my brother. I left him with no choices had to convince him to help me take the shots. Don’t worry, I didn’t bash him up or anything.

But hey, the surprise was a success. He said he was speechless. Heh.

It was a really average and simple day, just the way we like it. I guess it was a really great pit stop for him to recharge before the internship start too. Killing two birds with one stone.

Oh, can I just say how much I love the internet? There were a lot of inspirations on Pinterest. Believe it or not, I actually started hunting for an easy project for my clumsy thumb six months ago. Of course, I had my fingers and toes crossed.

The alphabets idea was inspired by Modern Parents Messy Kids (pin found here x). Initially I wanted to construct an album seen on Tinkerin In Ink with Tanya (pin found here x) but I didn’t have enough time in the end to figure out my desired measurement. Yes, I procrastinated until the last minute, again.

When I told him I had another surprise for him, he groaned. “Woah! Again?! Don’t like that leh, I didn’t prepare anything for you leh.” Despite the guilt, it seems the surprise has once again succeed. *big grin*

5 years felt shorter than what it is. A lot had happened in between. The ups and downs, tears and joys. “Everything happened for a reason” has further proven its meaning in this journey. Thank you for tolerating my nonsense (and you are welcome too). Thank you for showing the parts of the world I thought I never would have seen. Thank you for the golden chances. Thank you for showering me with your endless NS tales, culinary stories, hugs, kisses, and love. Loving you for as long as I can, xoxo.

Instagram Loves (March)

MAR 03

Instagraming them instagraming her.

MAR 09

This kimchi may not have the look, but it sure taste awesome.

MAR 14

Curry puff and hotdog pastries. Thanks The Boy and Martin for the delivery.

MAR 18

Free Egg McFuffin on National Day Breakfast. I can’t believe people actually specially wake up to queue up. The boy kept saying this burger is very delicious because it’s free.

MAR 21

Japanese Curry for dinner with The Boy. (I’m loving the carrots!)

MAR 23

Earth Hour picnic.

It yet another quiet month on Instagram, but lots of exciting stuffs happened the past weekend and a couple more soon. It would be better though, if the weather wasn’t being such a bitch.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Goodbye to the dragie, and hello snakie! The older I get, the more I’m not too psyched about the amount of red packets awaiting. Strange enough, it’s the paternal relatives whom I see once a year (or twice if someone gets married), as well as the close maternal relatives. I’m looking forward to all pineapple tarts too. Mmmm~

Wishing all of you a Happy Lunar New Year! May the year ahead be a prosperous and healthy one. HUAT AH!