Annual Hazey Affair

Like an annual event, Indonesia is clearing up their farm land by burning. Apparently land is more important than the health of its citizens. As much as the haze is choking up my lungs as the PSI climbs record high, it’s quite amusing to see the reactions and creativity our fellow Singaporeans have. Other kind of amusement comes from official news, especially the part where the said country minister commented how we “behave like a small child”. *shrug*

With such bad air to breathe in, I have no choice but to join in the mask team. It’s not the most effective or prettiest mask, but I guess it’s better than walking around with none. Luckily I only had a case of nose bleeding and dry coughing.

Xiao Bai is being affected by the haze too. He seems to be lazing around more, although still looking for affection given any opportunities. Just yesterday when I got home from work, he was found loafing in a corner during my brother’s nap in the air-conditioned room. Smart boy.

With workers working in the open and out in the sea, rehearsals for NDP kicking start. Let’s hope the haze situation will get better as soon as possible. Rain, we need you now.


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