Desk Revamp

Even though there was a little procrastinating here and there, I am quite proud to say I have completed this month’s project!

Eh Intan, how far are you already?

Desk Revamp I

Before the revamp

It might be shocking to most, or not, but I am a very untidy person when it comes to organisation. I can get so lazy to the extend my bank statements can be left unopened for a month, spending receipts everywhere, etc. The untidy period to tidy is like 10:1, so go figure.

Desk Revamp II

Halfway there

Initially, I thought I will fail this project badly. Thankful for the fact I am sharing the room with brother, I don’t have to spend time and money (and cleaning effort) to decorate the room as how I wanted. That goes the same for the desk.

Desk Revamp III

Desk Revamp IV

To be honest, I like how spacious the desk is in its minimal arrangement. It does give me a little more motivation to work on my revision (urgh, Law module *roll eyes*). Although, deep inside me, I’m hoping this scene will last longer than before.

I am just reminded of my desk at work. *gulps*


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