On The Shelf: The Fault In Our Stars

Disclaimer: The content below might contain spoilers.

As mentioned in my resolution, I’ve been trying to get a good reading habit by starting a quarterly read. I didn’t really start until almost end of the first quarter, no thanks to procrastinating-self really.

The curiosity in me got tickled by the quote posts flooding around Tumblr, got more interested after seeing Intan‘s review and Rasyidah’s touching tweets about the book. Yes, we’re talking about The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

To be honest, I kinda judged the book by its back cover initially.

The Fault in Our Stars

(Image Credits: ~HarpyMarx)

I didn’t expect to see such a strong, or rather, frank girl with such illness. The first twelve chapters brought out the girly hopeless romance of me – lots of awww and giggles – such as “Maybe okay will be our always.” [Chapter Five, Page 73] The frankness of Hazel Grace, the sweet gentlemen of Augustus Waters. Not forgetting the jokes revolving around Isaac, especially the part on the “breast exam” when ex-girlfriend Monica and him are making out. [Chapter One, Page 19]

(Image Credit: imyouthimjoy)

The story outcome took me by surprised. It wasn’t who I thought it would be that was taken away first. Knowing that many had cried, I thought I will breakdown just as bad. Surprisingly, I only had tears welling up in the frames with an ache in me as my canvas put me in the shoes of Hazel Grace.

Okay, okay. I did cry after relating the story to The Boy over the phone.

(Image Credit: lolaloslas)

The talks about having a film made on this book left me skeptical. What if the cast for hot guy isn’t as hot as I felt from the book? What if the characters suck so badly at conveying the feelings of the characters? What if…. what if it suck?

Overall, I’ve enjoyed reading the book unexpectedly. I wonder if the rest of John Green’s books will be as good (or even better). What do you think?


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