EYE SPY: Desk Revamp

Can I just start by saying – I LOVE THE INTERNET! There you go. I can be lazy procrastinator, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by genius crafts and ideas floating around Tumblr and especially Pinterest.

A usual-random chat with Intan last month led us to a starting a Desk Revamp project, for March. I’ve already cleared up quite a bit on my messy desk, but details on a next post soon.

EYE SPY: Desk Revamp I[X] The Dainty Squid’s work space
[X] Marker Caddy

EYE SPY: Desk Revamp II[X] Powder Blue Glittered Mini Clothespins
[X] Washi Whale
[X] light grey rabbit clock

Desk Revamp III[X] Large Square Base Terrarium/Display Table Lamp
[X] Mustache Letter Holder
[X] Soft Fabric Basket

Since the room is shared between us siblings, I can only yearn for some less manly accessories. If only real life works like The Sims.


One thought on “EYE SPY: Desk Revamp

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