EYE SPY: Lovey Dovey

EYE SPY: Lovey Dovey I

Heart-Shaped Pancakes [X] | Handprint Crafts [X]
Heart Balloons In A Closet [X] | DIY Valentines Day Jewelry Holder [X] | Heart with Wings [X]


EYE SPY: Lovey Dovey II

Valentine’s Day Love Mugs Set [X] | Red & Burlap [X] | I love you card [X]
Romeo’s Vow and Juliet’s Promise rings [X] | Heart Nibbling Doc [X]


Love is in the air! Well, it has been raining cats and dogs here so love is pouring downwards here actually. Anyhow, the boy and I spent it on yummy food (what’s unusual huh?) that didn’t take much of our time queuing.



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