EYE SPY: Birthday Month

It’s my favourite month – January! The feeling of a fresh start to everything, although I’m still clearing outstanding stuffs of last year’s at work. Also, it’s my birthday month! I don’t think I’ll be this excited in 5 years’ time, so might as well enjoy the moment now. Heh.

Here’s some of my lusts at the moment:-

EYE SPY: Birthday Month I

1. “Clear closet for more” has been on the procrastinating list since forever. My therapy-needed soul and my wallet are opposing each other. (Image Credit: Modcloth)

2. They say first love are difficult to be forgotten. Well, that’s for sure, for my first mp3 player love – iPod Classic. Ever since it died on me many years ago (damn, I’m old), I’ve always visited the thought of getting it. One day. (Image Credit: Apple)

3. Since I can’t have a tattoo, an Infinity arm candy would be nice. (Image Credit: Little Jar of Hearts)


EYE SPY: Birthday Month II

5. Come to think of it, I have yet to own a camera since the phone has been so much more convenient. (image Credit: Canon Singapore)

6. After almost a year, I have yet to get my cactus (shifty eyes towards Johan). This cactus plant seems to be a good start. (Image Credit: Herman Marie)

7. These box will definitely help a little to organised my messy table. (Image Credit: Dreaming Lucy)

8. I need to resume the collection of The Sims 3. Soon. (Image Credit: Nina Helmer)

9. Have been eyeing on this bag since forever, but too cheap to buy it here because it’s so much more expensive.

10. Time to get a new wallet. The current one decided to show signs of aging when my digital age increased by one. (Image Credit: Burberry)


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