Instagram Loves (October)

Instagram has become a frequently used app, other than social network like Facebook and Twitter. Well, at least for me. It’s always fun to look back, seeing how times have gone past without knowing, while indulging in the precious moments.


Sometimes you just need that one sugary push to make you charge at work.


Second picnic date in 4 years of dating. Thank god we aren’t too particular about the food we have for picnic, or else it’ll be a lovely chore on both sides.


They say laziness run in the blood. It can influence the non-living thing too.


The hairstyle I learnt from Pinterest. I’m glad it turned out well enough to make my uncontrollable hair look less messy. Better try more braiding before I chop it off, again!


I don’t know about you, but sun rays have an instant effect to make me back to relaxed and neutral mode no matter how pissed or upset I am.


Nothing is more satisfying on a Saturday morning than a good ol’ pancake that you have been craving for. Mmmm~


I seemed to be snapping lesser via Instagram this past month. Thing is, I am still actively liking photos on my feed. I guess it’s the majorX causing its effect on me. *shrug*

Check out other of my Instagram photos via Webstagram!


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