Pre Raya Dinner

Since I have long decided I won’t be joining the Wu family in this year’s Raya visiting, I thought it might be good for me to join in the dinner on the eve. Don’t worry, I didn’t self invite myself. My skin is not that thick, yet.

The boy had always said how relatives will break fast at Eayi’s place the first and last day of Ramadan, and the fact I am never good with crowd, I was pretty nervous when his mum invited me to join in the dinner. It was a huge relieve (oops) when it was just Yaie, Bikna and the five of us.

Pre Raya Dinner
Photo in courtesy of @johanwu

Although I’m not too big of a rubbish bin like Johan, I still enjoy food as much as I can. That includes trying them as well. There was any rubber chicken this time round, but the tonight’s simplicity was oily good enough.

On my plate there were 5 pieces of lontong (I don’t know what the boy was thinking) side with sambal goreng (with prawns, bean curd, tempeh), serundeng and sambal sotong. He suggested to combine all and eat, and boy, it was good! My tummy felt very satisfied with after meal pineapple tarts, cookies and sweet mango.

I know I’m going to miss out the same goodies, green packets, spying same colours outfits on the road, and the day might even end up feeling bored. It’s a choice I made, so, I won’t regret it.

Wishing all the Muslims and my friends out there (and people who are enjoying the long weekend), Selamat Hari Raya!


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