The Usual Food Date

Whenever someone asks where and how we spend our dates, the boy and I normally tell them we spend the most time of it on food. Then, they will either look at my size or think we’re kidding. I know it don’t sound like it at all, but we seriously spend more time and money eating than any other things. I think that’s the best activity we can think of.

With the free day on his schedule, and last minute changes on his family plan, we thought we can just have a quick dinner before going home. I had a craving for dim sum, but was too unpractical and not motivated enough to travel all the way to Tang Tea House at Simpang Bedok. So as the boy suggested, we ended up at Old School Delights, again.

Chicken Niblets Chicken Niblets

We kind of ditched the idea of sharing so we can have enough space for deserts. The boy had Black Pepper Chicken Cutlet (SGD 12.90) while I tried their Home-Style Breaded Fish & Chips (SGD 13.90) since it’s the last main course on their menu I’ve never had before. We had the usual side order Chicken Niblet (SGD 5.80) and the sauce is awesome! I’ve always rejected the idea of trying the sauce for reasons I have no idea of. Why did I make such a silly decision?!

Apparently the boy’s cousin posted a sinful dessert of his likings on Instagram and the hideout is located at Upper Thomson. No wonder he suggested OSD.

NeLi’s ice cream is a very toned down sweet stop, unlike its district rivalry Salted Caramel and Udders. It’s very clean and homey cosy, perfect for that alone time with your partner or just yourself. We placed an order for their Lava Cake (SGD 4.00) and was told beforehand about the 30 minutes waiting time. My ears were busy, of course, listening to the boy’s grandmother story.

Lava Cake

I was grinning from ear to eat when the cake arrived. It has been more than a year since our last lava cake at Pizza Hut. For the boy, no doubt, he was way more excited than me since he’s a huge fan of sinful chocolate cake.

It was a fun scene watching the boy attacking its core with the lava oozing out after that and his “Mmmm~” reaction to go with. It was tad bitter for me, but don’t take my words too seriously, I prefer sweet chocolate over the bitter ones.

The night was short and sweet, left me contented and in a state of food coma. Hopefully yours have been awesome too.

Here’s a lazy Xiao Bai to end the post!



Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574408
Tel: (65) 6458 4518 / 8117 9407

Operating Hours:
12:00pm to 11:00pm
Closed on Monday & Tuesday


NeLi’s ice cream
233 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574364
(Opposite Roti Prata House)
Tel: (65) 6452 2410

Operating Hours:
Sun to Thu – 12:00pm to 11:00pm
Fri to Sat – 12:00pm to 1:00am


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