Cleaning Up Procrastination I

I know not many will believe, but I’m actually very good at procrastinating. Be it in regards to work, opening of letters, ideas in my head, packing of room. The last one got the best out of me.

Somehow, my body felt very motivated to get my room clean up once and for all. I started off with the piles of unopened and opened envelopes, receipts and whatsnot on my desk. It’s like the remains of a warzone. Johan and Emily witnessed it. It was only today I realised I had unopened bank statements dated February 2011. Uhhuh.

So anyway, the shelves have been cleared. Can’t wait to start putting up photos and get on to my flower display, when I’ve managed to get enough fake flowers. (Anyone wanna donate to me? *puppy eyes*)

I’m rather determined to kick off this procrastinating habit. Hopefully I don’t jinx it.

Next on the target board – closet. For now, it’s time for instant har gaw before I hit the sack.


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