Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [28 Feb 2012 – 2 Mar 2012]

All set and ready to spread my wings.

Despite of having experiences of flying out of Singapore to places like Bangkok and Langkawi, this was the first time having to overlook the flight details on my own. I love being spoilt by my loved ones.

Thanks to Emily’s suggestion, the thought of flying on Air Asia made me excited. Not solely because it was my first time flying that company, but I actually have a chance to feel how the girl felt when she flies to and fro.

28 February 2012

I wasn’t confident enough to check-in online (I think AirAsia sent me a total of three e-mails about it), so it was the safest to be there early to do so. But the time I gave Johan to meet up was rather way too early, so we ended up having an hour extra to burn even though we took our own sweet time over breakfast.

List of Hopes

While the boy indulge in social networks and Smurfs on his phone, I took the time squeezing my brain juice and penning it s-l-o-w-l-y for the things I hope to achieve. Sure, they might not sound great, but I wanted to do the smallest (yes, and the highest possible) things on this trip.

I was being dramatic when I said “I will miss you, Singapore” at the entrance, but Johan killed it by saying “I won’t miss you at all.” Does he really wanna get out of Singapore for a breather that badly? I wonder.

[2012 KL] Boarding Shy

There was a long queue by the time we reached the gate. Thinking it would be more memorable for virgin-flyer Johan, I suggested for him to take a photo with the monitor screen. The first shot failed badly, he said the group of four behind us were looking at my phone and him. I told him “Technically, we’re tourists. Tourists are allowed to do stupid things.” The second photo turned out slightly better, but that smile told me he’s still bothered by the home-goers.


The virgin-flyer alerted the metal detector, all thanks to his belt. That’s not the end of it. As soon as green light was given for his belt, he was requested to open his bag. Why? Because the genius packed a bottle of shampoo when I have already told him any liquid more than 100ml is not allowed. The lady officer had to throw away and we proceeded to the waiting area after.

me: I thought I already told you about the liquid limitation?
him: But the content is only like one-quarter!
me: So? Your bottle stated more than 100ml right?
him: Yah.
me: Ah, then?

He just like to learn things the hard way.

[2012 KL] Delay Anxiety

As if the above drama weren’t exciting enough, announcement was made that the flight will be delayed for half a hour. As expected, the virgin-flyer was a little impatient. He kept saying things like “I’ve already called the pilot. He say he’s on his way, why he not here yet?!”

Drama king.

Exactly half an hour later, the plane made its connection for passengers onboard to alight. The excitement vibe from Johan made it as if the wait did not happen at all.


Initially he wanted to take the window seat (to and fro) and I gave in since it’s his first time flying, but somehow I ended up walking in front of him and he offered the window seat, saying he’ll take the one back to Singapore.

He separated his focus into half, one to the safety message and the other set on the window. As soon as the session is over, I decided to act out my slightly evil plan. I told him about the existence of turbulence, shared about the one I experienced during my Bangkok trip without exaggerating as how I wanted to. It was obvious he got worried, but was quickly distracted by the moving scene outside the window.

God-like Paradise

Somehow the one above was kind to me that day.

It was one of those best day to fly. Sunny, clear sky with fluffy cloud. Both of us were engrossed in the sight bestowed upon us – how that area of land got shadowed by a bunch of cottan candy. We were feeling on cloud nine (almost literally) to be above all those fluffy cotton.

When the pilot was adjusting the altitude for landing, he braved us through thick gloomy cloud, giving us that unforgettable experience – turbulence. The moment I know of the situation, I turned to Johan with curiosity. That priceless look on his face – excitedly worried – made me feel travelling via air is one of the best choices we’ve made.

Upon landing, I was helplessly attracted to the thick dark cloud afar. I thought to myself “It shouldn’t float to us so fast” and safely assumed we won’t be affect by the rain in anyway.


The moment the wheels of the plane stopped, droplets started falling. The bizzare thing is the sun was still shining brightly! When we were given green light to alight, it was pouring so heavy to the extend we had to self-service in picking an umbrella they provide in order to shelter ourselves to the sheltered area.

I got distracted quickly by the environment of the airport we landed at. It was nothing like the image I had since primary school. It was not like grand as I remembered, I even doubt my memory for a while. It was only until later part of the day I learnt that LCC Terminal is actually a budget terminal.

For some reason, I was really shock. I guess I didn’t expect Malaysia to have a budge terminal as well.

We noticed there were stands for taxi rides but walked past it thinking we can easily flag one down just like how it’s easily done in Singapore. Looking at the long queue of taxis somehow made us feel secure, knowing we will definitely be able to get one. So Johan went to grab some bites from Burger King to take away before heading to the taxi area.

Little did we know, we were told by the co-ordinator that we cannot get a taxi unless we purchase a ticket in the Arrival Hall. We walked back to the Arrival Hall, with Johan briefly explaining the situation to the officer “guarding” the entrance, and thank goodness they allowed only him to go in just to get the ticket.

See what I said about “Tourists are allowed to do stupid things”?

When we were told by our driver RM75 journey will take about an hour, I imagined lots of traffic along the way like you see in Singapore. Since Malay is foregin to me, I pretended to be tired and stone in the ride while Johan tried to strike conversations with him. Apparently the taxi drivers aren’t as talkative as the ones you bump into in Singapore.

We went past rain and shine (literally), and the heavy downpour halfway was a scary one. You can hardly see the car ahead even though they had their hazzard light on. In addition to the scary factor, our ride was going at a (typically) high speed AND our driver was dozing off. I had to nudge Johan so he can be aware of what’s going inside instead of focusing on what’s ahead. He tried to strike conversations so the driver can response, showing signs of awake. It wasn’t really successful because only one-third of the questions were replied. Fml.

Before entering KL, there were no rain and the driver decided to clear the raindrops on his windshield. The moment he press the button, the wiper on the right snap! Omg, I can’t explain how badly I wanted to laugh out loud, but I had to contain myself to prevent any awkward situation. I kept having the wide grin and had to avoid eye contact with Johan because I know I will burst out of laughters the moment he smile. But it was a good (funny) incident since the driver was awake from then on.

I felt so much safer to alight the cab at the lobby of Corus Hotel KL. It was really nice to see friendly smiles from the staff after the long journey. See, such customer service is important.

After Johan provided the confirmation e-mail and whatsnot for the check-in registration, he walked away to the lift lobby for godknowswhat reasons.

Staff: Honeymooners?
Me: Pardon?
Staff: Are you here on honeymoon?
Me: Oh, er, nope.
Staff: Oh. Married?
Me: Er, nope.

And he started judging me! He didn’t breathe a word, but I can tell from his eyes. I thought he asked the above for purpose of issuing single or double beds. Even so, I was quite pissed to be judged to be honest.

When the registration is done, I told Johan about the incident as we walked to the lift lobby.

Him: You can just tell him we’re married what.
Me: *raised left hand* You see this?
Him: See what?
Me: See anything?
Him: No?
Me: Yah lah. How can I say we’re married? You think they are blind?

The unhappiness lasted until the moment we stepped into the lift. Johan pointed out the word “PRESIDENTIAL SUITE” engraved on our floor’s button, which was when I realised we’ve been given a room on the highest floor.

[2012 KL] Corus Hotel KL - Deluxe Room

Even though it’s no presidential suite, the room and its view were still awesome.

The Deluxe Room comes with a showering bathtub, which was the one of the highlights of the trip. I’ve been dying to soak myself in one since Bangkok trip with sister Chiu Xuan. There was a clear view of Petronas Towers (actually, just one side of the two towers) and the swimming pool! Not forget to mention, the room is big enough for us to roll around whole day.

We didn’t do any unpacking since we were only there for a night’s stay, so we sank ourselves on the awesome bed while Emily flies down the highway.

When the lady was here, we slacked and waited for the time to past while Johan commented on how satisfied his stomach was from the Burger King. We started brainstorming what to have for dinner and was stucked between Japanese and Korean cuisine. We decided to have Korean food and Emily started explaining briefly about the style of the restaurant. All thanks to the explanation and imagination, Johan declared he’s hungry almost immediately and started bugging us to move out.

[2012 KL] Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant 1

The concept Uncle Jang Korean Restoran has is nothing like Seoul Garden or any other Korean restaurants you see in Singapore. We visited the one at Ampang branch, which is known as Korean Town, and I really like the concept! It felt really traditional to dine sitting on the floor instead of table and chair. Apparently you don’t do the initial cooking or stir frying here, the friendly not-so-Korean-looking waitor do the honour.

[2012 KL] Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant 2

After putting on our aprons, it was show time! Emily ordered 2 spicy and 1 non-spicy, I have no idea and didn’t expect such a big pot of cabbage will be placed on our hotplate. It takes a little while for the frying to be done.

The waitor seems to be rather observant. While trying to fit the hotplate and him into the frame, he swiftly put his left hand behind in and presented the professional pose. That’s very smart of him.

Stiring, frying, waiting, nibbling on kimchi, waiting, stiring, frying, waiting. The process had already produced the fragrance that raped our noses. All the waiting was worth the taste. I promise.

Uncle Jang Korean Restoran

Luckily our order was 2 spicy, the whole spicy level was just right when the dish is done. The rice cake tasted so so so good because the sauce was that awesome. The chicken was satisfying for the meat lover and it was surprisingly refreshing to eat along with the cabbage.

I can’t think of any better words or vocab to describe the dish, you have to try it out if given the chance to experience it. It’s definitely worth a re-visit!

Feeling satisfied and bloated, we head over to Suria KLCC for aid in digestion before our next activity.

Suria KLCC is just like our ION Orchard – atas mall filled with branded outlets. We didn’t really venture each levels, but I think Suria KLCC is at least twice the size of ION. Just how much branded stuffs can one purchase?

Petronas Towers

The outside of Suria KLCC is packed with people crowding around the big fountain. Chilling, slacking, gossiping, stoning.

I was rather surprised to see Petronas Towers lighted up when the sun sets, the view is rather stunning. It looked as if the towers are coated with blinging stars. The idea of such utility expenses hurts one’s head.

[KL 2012] Achievement #1

Before proceeding to our next activity, Emily gave her helping hand to strike off to-achieve list. Shining towers must have shining eyes to go with.

Alibaba Kebab Restaurant

The last stop for the night was to chill at Alibaba Kebab Restaurant. It was really a nice place with carpeted seats. Since it wasn’t crowded, we picked a spacious seat that can have up to 5.

We were lucky to have live band for that night, but they were in their own world. Trying out songs, improvising new ways of playing, talking and puffing among themselves. I guess it’s not entirely their fault since the patrons that night were in their own world as well.

The tables with patrons are fogged up with smokes all the time they are there. The drags from cigarette (shit, I can never get the spelling of this word) and puffs from shisha. We had a strawberry flavoured and started bitching over drinks. Eventually I gave in to the temptation of trying it for the first time and boy was it tough!

My observation of Elaine, Intan, Ras, Ummar made me had the impression that shisha is a no-effort-put-in kind of thing. Even Emily and Johan made it look so easy that night. When I tried it, I can hardly have any smoke, let alone the bubbling sound. It took me quite a number of tries despite the tips from Emily and Johan. To be honest, I felt really good to able to master a tip of it at the end of the night.

Johan: Don’t swallow down the smoke. You must breathe out.
Me: Oh ok. *suck and mouth became like puffer fish*
Johan: *looking with anticipation*
Me: *relax puffer fish cheeks and face look normal*
Johan: !!! You swallowed!?!
Me: *breathe out* HAHA! Got ya!

The night ended with us stenched with all kind of smell. A good soak in the bathtub made it easier for me to turn in for the night.

This is why I love bathtub.

29 February 2012

Since our room doesn’t include breakfast, we slept our way till rather late. We didn’t even make an effort to wake up for the pool! That’s what you get from a fun filled night and of course the awesome bed plays a part.

After rolling around for very long time, we hurried to pack up for check-out while Emily heads over. I should’ve taken the room slippers because it was quite comfy, unlike the super thin layered ones you see in Singapore.

Head over to Times Square for breakfast and with some shopping plans. The size of the mall is HUGE. It’s, safe to say, at least three times the size of our Far East Plaza. Not only is the area big, the number of floors of shops the mall has is good enough to keep you there for a day.

Peri Ok-Ok-Lor Chicken

Emily thought we didn’t have Nandos in Singapore, so she suggested and we ended up having that for breakfast-lunch. It wasn’t a wrong move because it kind of gave us the energy we needed for that rest of the day.

Archery In-The-Making

Heavy Camwhore

Before the shopping starts, Johan went a go at the archery outlet. I wanted to give it a shot (lol the pun) but decided not to, which was a wise decision I’ve made that day. While he spent the time aiming for bullseye, Emily and I tried to camwhore with the Canon camera. Omg it’s no joke to camwhore with heavy camera.

At the end of the session, Johan looked as if he just ran for marathon. Yes, he used that much energy. That explains the reason behind my wisest decision.

Browsed around with the intention of getting shirts for brother. Knowing brother will be as picky as I am, I ended up not buying anything. Johan managed to get top for himself and a splendid loot from the spectacles cart with Emily.

While waiting for the rain to lighten up, we bought Krispy Kreme and slacked there for a while. It felt so good to able to rest our legs from all the walking.

I was quite sad when Emily told me Toto is at her aunt’s place. Nooo! I had wanted to feed him milo! And chicken wing! And whatsnot! In addition to that, she said she’s now residing in her brother’s room, which means I can’t take a look at the “wrestling ground” with my own eyes!

Two things on to-achieve list not fated to achieve. ):

We trolled around the place, getting familiar with the surrounding. I love the pool! If Toto was there, it would’ve been better.


When Johan saw the piano and the drumset, he kept bugging her to “jam”. I sank myself on the couch, watching some alien documentary while they do their thing. Apparently the idea of jamming is Johan sitting beside her as she do her magic.

He was making so much noise and the one song Emily played shut him up – the mashed up piano piece of Coldplay and Taylor Swift. If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, click here for one good cover.

I still love (love love love many many many) Emily’s version. ♥

We took a break after Emily’s uncle walked into the door. He looked nowhere near his age! I think it runs in the genes. I jelly. While tuning into the food channel, we had the doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. The original one is so good, better than the ones you can find in Singapore. The dough is so soft and not too oily. Mmmm.

The food channel seemed to be on task to gross us out of this food trip. They showed some restaurants with extreme menus, big sized ones. Thanks to the channel, we learnt that this particular shop sells peanut butter in all sorts of way. The three of us will never look at peanut butter the same again.

Salted Egg Squid

Butter Crab

Seafood for dinner! We kept talking about seafood even one month before the trip. I’m such a sucker.

Emily highly recommended the restaurant’s salty egg squid and butter crab. She was quite surprised that we haven’t had butter crab before and we did our explanation that Singaporeans tend to love chilli crab more.

I never had salty egg squid before. This one is a good kind of a-little-too salty, though it’s best not to have it too often for the sake of health. The butter sauce goes really well with the crispy man tou. Unlike the alternate-V shaped instrument commonly seen and used in Singaporean, this restaurant provides its customer with a cutting board and hammer. Really, hammer.

I was being dumb as usual at crab. Luckily, Emily and Johan were willing to spoon-feed me by doing the favour for me. I don’t know who to thank for such loves.

Hopped over to Jusco for very last minute decision to shop. Loot some shirts for mummy and brother but the one with the most rewards was Johan.

Since the night is still young, we decided to have a couple of rounds of L4D at the nearest cyber cafe. An hour at the CC is super cheap. I am no regular to the ones in Singapore, but I can tell one thing for sure RM2.50 an hour is the best deal one can get.

Despite knowing my own condition towards fast motion, my stubborness made me want to test my own limits. We ended the first round with me feeling nauseous, but I held on and try to brave through the second round. Sadly, halfway through, I had to wave white flag. They continued the rounds while I surf Tumblr. The nauseousness persists so badly, I had to nudge them for the indication to retire for the night. (I can remember how it felt, as if the nauseous and headache are back, even as I type the above.)

I know, I suck.

Although feeling sick in the stomach, we still made the effort to patronise the lok lok stall. I only had the appetite for a stick of fishballs and chose to dip it in the tom yum gravy. I don’t know if it’s my tongue or something else, the so-called tom yum gravy tasted like asam laksa gravy. Built up my anticipation for nothing.

Went back to base to retire for the night. Emily gave me panadole-ish pill to ease my headache (and the naseuous and whatsnot) while Johan acted like a gu niang pussy sissy because the room’s floor attacked his sole with a small wood sprint.

1 March 2012

Emily feared that the room we’re might be stuffy so she had the air-con set in North Pole temperature. Ended up the three of us were freezing.

Another food recommendation by the host is banana leaf rice at Kanna House. It was already lunch time by the time we arrive. The restaurant, indoor and out, are crowded with people from office. We stood for about 5 minutes before one of the friendly Indian staff suggested to put a new table and chairs in the middle of the walkway of the outdoor. Just when Johan started to feel awkward about it, a table of four stood up and we conquer that table.


The speed these watiors move have got to be the fastest I’ve seen by far. Instead of the real banana leaf, I heard from Emily they now uses paper-ish material that looks like banana leaf. Perhaps it’s due to hygiene, perhaps it’s due to change of management. The moment you sit down, your table will be set before a minute. One waitor will place the paper, one will pour the rice, one each for the rest of the four side dishes. I literally stoned by the time these are set in front of me.


Their chicken is also another highlight of the meal. Despite being fried on the outer, the meat inside is super tender. The portion provided is also big, so the meat lover Johan has one for himself while I share mine with Emily.

I used to avoid seafood like sotong because they tend of have this fishy stench. My first sotong love was the one I had at Langkawi with the peeps, fried calamari. Till date, no other fried calamari tasted the same. Second love is the at Newton Circus, sambal sotong. The big bite size sotong with awesome sambal chilli has got to be the best match ever!

Now, my third love for sotong is this!

Deep Fried Squid

Deep fried along with onions, this dish has just got to be the new love. Believe me or not, it is as cripsy and crunchy as chips. If possible, I can totally snack on a tub of this all day long.

With the house owner’s approval, Emily drove us to Uncle Francis’ apartment to look-see. The exterior of the condo look rather old, not to the extend of rundown though. Orangey brick colour, it felt like we’ve stepped into some HDB area.

Uncle Francis greeted us with a warm “Welcome!” and invited us inside.

It was a jaw dropping moment.

Never did I expect he (or rather the designer he hired) had done up the interior of the apartment into such bachelor concept. I fell in love with the simplicity of black-and-white the apartment has. The floor area is relatively super big, bigger than my aunt’s four-room flat (or is it five-room) in Jurong.

The kitchen is my ideal kind. If I have a kitchen like that, I wouldn’t mind cooking and baking every other day. Then again, cleaning would be a bitch. Who cares! The living room is so big that it made the flat-screen TV look like a sheet of paper. If such a condo is to be based in Singapore, the rooms are normally small like peanut, but noooo! This apartment consist of one master bedroom and two bedrooms, the former’s toilet even have bathtub. Oh kill me already.

We invaded Uncle Francis’ study room for a little while, it’s so cosy! Omg. One side of the wall has got shelves filled with books, I don’t mind turning into a nerd for the big comfy looking couch (I heard it cost a thousand plus). He explained how the scenery outside the big window differs from when he first bought and till date. All we can say is, he has a good sight. (Y)

Minding what we touch because his collectibles seem expensive, stoned on the living room’s couch for a while and we decided to force our asses out. Johan and I agreed that if we stayed there any longer, we wouldn’t want to leave. Yes, that’s how awesome the apartment is.

Slightly reluctantly, we bid farewell to Uncle Francis and head to The Curve. Johan kept going “Omg! His house is damn awesome!!!”

The curve is typically another big mall you can find in the country. I spent most time at Brands Outlet picking t-shirts I think mummy and brother will like. RM50 for 3 pieces of printed tees, for me I think it’s a bargain since my family seldom shop.

Hop over to Cold Storage for our main purpose at The Curve – grocery shopping for dinner. Emily had her list and looked so serious during the whole process while I trolled around like some little kid. I feel a little guilty.

Potato VS Potato

I came across this basket of skinned potatoes. Cold Storage treats Malaysian so nice! I bet if they do it here in Singapore, it will be a best selling ones because of lazy Singaporeans like yours faithfully. (Em! You say you didn’t notice. Now is your chance to take a good look.)

Weird Weather

On our way back to base, KL bestowed its weird weather on us again. It’s sunny out and raindrops. I don’t even.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Put down the groceries at base and Emily’s mum presented us with the chocolate cheese cake she made since morning. HNNNG!

Thankfully the cheese taste isn’t too strong like the ones you get outside, which I find it acceptable since I prefer lighter cheese food. The cake was soft too, made me went “Mmmmm!” and caused Johan on another rapid of “Oh my god!!!”

Serious Virtual Tennis

Retreated back to her room to cool down and kill time to preparation of dinner. While I scroll endlessly through my Tumblr dashboard, the other two had a few rounds of tennis match on the PS2. For some weird reasons, Emily was rather vulgar that evening. Each time she missed, she’ll yell “Fuck!” I gave up halfway counting the number of ‘Fuck’s coming out from her/them. Yah, it was THAT many.

When enough ‘fuck’s were given (sorry, I couldn’t resist), we went down to the kitchen to work! Emily and her mum had wanted us not to help, but obviously it impossible to ask of from Johan and me.

[2012 KL] Dinner In Progress

Unlike Johan who helped to cut the mushrooms (and complimented himself on how beautifully the mushroom turned out to be), I can only help to wash and take photos. Another guilty moment.

Pasta Mushroom Soup

After hearing the small request, Emily had added lesser shitake mushroom because of the taste that Johan and I are not fond of. The spaghetti and soup turn out of the perfect combo. It was a night worth dying for.

Serious Gamers

Before the last activity for the day, we rolled over to CC, again! I’m no gamer, but I don’t spending RM2.50 just to see my friends go serious and crazy.

For some reason, this night was quieter than the previous. The two sat beside each other and had rounds of L4D while I explored some offline games. Apparently the vulgarity aura still float around Emily, she was vomiting “Fuck!”s again. I just laughed and engrossed in my own screen.

Feeling satisfied, we stopped when our one hour is up, that’s when Emily realised the horror. Taking the headset off, she realised it’s damn quiet in the CC.

Emily: Omg… does it mean I was loud just now?
Me: Mmhmm.

Too late, Emily. Too late.

Went back to base to change, and out to Seta Bar.

Bouncer: Your IC please, sir.
Johan: Oh! I look young is it? Haha. *show IC*
Bouncer: Haha. Yes, sir, all of you look young.

Not bad, the bouncer still know how to crack jokes.

I expected the bar to be like Timbre, but nooo. It’s the kind you boogey in and the music is loud enough of send ringing in your ears after that.

When the band is done with their break, havoc starts. The hyper Caucasian band did a good job is making the customers bang their head and shake their body. There was this Chinese lady who got so high shortly after she enter the bar, she started grinding her ang moh partner. My eyes.

Had to drag our bodies for a quick shower after attracting cigarette (shit I still can’t get the spelling right!) on our shirt. We literally knocked out after that.

2 March 2012

Thanks to the previous night, the three of us did not manage to wake up as planned at 9:30am for a swim. I was the first to be awake this time round (yay me!) and no prize given for correct guess of whose the last.

Emily’s mum bought fish head bee hoon for us before going to work. The lightness and sweetness of the soup is heavenly. She also went through the trouble of buying white coffee (brother requested for it, I can’t say no) without accepting money from me. Guilt level up.

After breakfast, and a couple rounds of tennis match, our bags are packed and ready to go. Of course, I must say I’m so proud (and glad) of myself to be able to squeeze all my loots into one bag. Heh.

[2012 KL] Eh and Daberliu

Despite feeling filled up from breakfast, we still went ahead with the plan to A&W, just to strike another point from my to-achieve list. ♥

We weren’t thinking straight apparently. We should’ve gotten one root beer float and one normal instead. Took a big out of the Coney Dog, I was rather glad I didn’t get it as my main because I still can’t stand the taste of beef.

I finally dined at A&W!

Digest the overwhelming food intake by trolling around a mall until it’s time to head to the airport.

On the way to LCC Terminal, Johan kept commenting on how fast Emily drives. Strangely, I felt safer in her hands than when he drives in Singapore. Talked and bitched about many things while the man chilled at the back seat enjoying the limited time as a passenger.

Halfway the journey, Emily had to sway a little to the next lane to avoid a dead dog. A. Dead. Dog. What the hell is a dog doing in such expressive highway!?! Sigh.

Bid farewell to Emily, giving her rays that we will be meeting real soon, be it in Singapore or another food trip at KL. Told Emily we left her a “surprise” at the back seat when she drove off. Her reaction was priceless. (:

We were way too early for checking-in and entering the gate, so the both of us looked for places to chill. First, we went to Starbucks for a cup of drink and mainly to use its wifi. When the mission is done, we strolled around the terminal, took our time to check-in our luggage. Then he left me stoning for a good fifteen minutes, only to be back with a box of nuggets from Marrybrown. Dude, don’t you ever feel full?!

The waiting area in the departure terminal is very much like the one at Langkawi. Queue started forming even before the glass door is open, we were one of the last fews who join in the snake queue.


Walked through the drizzle and board the plane, the one on the outer seat looked like Uncle Francis in certain angles. Johan was pretty unlucky since you can’t really view much from this weather.

While passengers are settling down, the air stewardess went up and down to distribute white cards. We didn’t know, since it was Johan’s first time flying and my first time doing coordination myself, we approached the stewardess with hope of getting guidance.

Me: Hi! Sorry, but erm, do we have to fill in the white cards?
Stewardess: Of course you have to. *smirk* What a question to ask. Everyone knows you have to fill in the white card.
Me: Oh, ok…. *takes two from her*

Wow AirAsia, is that how you train your people?

I don’t think that’s a very good way to respond, even if your customer asked the most ridiculous question. If I know the answer of my question, you think I will still bother asking? In the end, we read the card and realised it’s not applicable to home goers like us. I felt as if we got insulted for nothing. Pffft.

The plane took off on time in the slightly wet weather, without the normal routine for safety message. Why the difference in attitude from the plane I took few days ago?

Felt good to land home safely and of course the convenience of accessing 3G. I felt as if I have yet to go for the trip the moment we step out. Are you like that too?

Heavy CamWor

Em! Thanks for having us at your place, I hope we didn’t create too much inconvenience. Thank your mum for us, don’t forget to tell her how much we love her chocolate cheese cake. Also convey our thanks to Uncle Francis for the eye opening opportunity.

Can’t wait for the next adventure!


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