Open-minded with sprinkles of stereotypes

Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Chinese New Year) has been alright so far. For some reasons I wasn’t really hyped up like I was before, which pretty much left the goodies untouch. I need to ignore the emerging pimples and start attacking the jars of awesomeness before the 15 days end.

As quiet as it felt, there were quite a few up points this year.
(1) Johan finally met my dad for the first time, though as usual I introduced him as my friend. He said it was a scary experience for him.
(2) Spent quality gambling time with the peeps. Sad to say it all went to the midnight cab fare.
(3) Had a quick get-together with the maternal cousins, gambled and lost to three of them. The fuck.

The last was specially meaningful to me actually, not that I don’t appreciate any others.

I’ve always tried my best to avoid topics like studies and love-relationship. No matter what a good ice breaking topics they are, I find it a chore to explain the details of them. Studies being I’m not in any government institutions and 70% of the population have never heard of it. Love-relationship, well, it’s quite complicated since I’m dating a Chinese-Muslim who is younger than me.

Back on track. So, they were teasing cousin Vince who recently started dating. During the whole teasing conversation, I just smiled and had my eyes on the steamboat dishes, secretly hoping the arrow will not spin its head to me. Well, the most unfortunate thing happened.

Xuan: You leh? Never invite your boyfriend?
Me: Har? *awkward grin*
David: Not halal mah.
Hao: Huh!?!

And this is how my beloved cousins knew about it. Somehow, I felt relieved they knew, but was already prepared with all the stereotypes bashing.

As expected, CIL Hao brought up the tudong view – “That means if you marry him must cover up right?”

I defended and broke that stereotype, and surpringsingly the other cousins are not as ignorant as him. They shared their experiences of their colleagues’, broke more stereotypes, and knew slightly more about Johan along the way.

Then, the topic progressed into discussion of other religious.

I knew I would be slightly heartbroken if I had to explain a lot in regards to this kind of topic, but thank goodness I didn’t have to.

Now I feel braver and stronger, and definitely lighter on the shoulders.


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