That Comical Manager

He was relatively new to the company, only three months my senior. We don’t really converse much, in fact, other than boss, he only interact with AM in regards to payment of his personal bills.

The two colleagues I’ve worked with had both agreed he’s comical and have the anime expression. I didn’t have a chance to capture those moments with my own eyes, only until recently when he approached me for help.

Him: Excuse me.

-I was engrossed in whatever I was doing-

Him: Ex, cuse~ me~~~

I forgot what the “excuse me” was about, but he was damn cute! Yes, even though he’s old, he’s still cute. Your arguments are invalid.

Last week of September is where everything started to be tensed up a little in the office. One morning AM told me that he had fainted in the train when on his way home and it was said to be caused by blood clot in his brain. Of course, he immediately undergo operation after being admitted.

Then, things seem to go downhill from there.

They had to keep him asleep to prevent any activity in the brain, his breathing and heart beat are maintained by machines. Then, came the news where his brain cells are dying and doctors had advised for him to be back to Japan. Reasons being (1) his current conditions (ie being maintained by machines) can last for quite a while, so it’s best for him to recovery in his home town with his loved ones (2) his loved ones will be there and they can make decisions for him.

So, boss thought it will be nice for people in the office to pay him a visit for the last time before he gets transported back with his wife. I didn’t think about what to say to his wife because she don’t really understand English, I was only worry on my piece to him. For a second, I forgot about embracing myself with what I will be shown to.

The one who was lying on bed with no conscious, with the pipe in his mouth and body jerking every few minutes due to the machines, looks totally different from the comical Japanese man I’ve once known.

His hair was shaved because of the operation, it was an obvious sight his weight has dropped tremendously. It was heart aching to see him there asleep. All I could say was “Mr K, don’t give up, please get well soon.”

Except for big boss and boss since they might have the chances to visit him when they’re in Japan, that visit marks the last visit for all of us since he will not be able to work anymore even if he recovers.

I’ll be praying. Praying for a smooth journey back home. Praying for miracle to happen on him.


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